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World Premiere “Ain’t Always Thirsty” Official Ray Scott Music Video

“Watch Ray Scott Drink Away the Pain in Gritty New Video”


For the last few weeks, Ray Scott has been premiering a series of performance videos on Rolling Stone Country that highlight his traditional country influences. All of them, from his interpretation of Don Williams’ “Good Ole Boys Like Me” to Billy Joe Shaver’s “Live Forever,” have set the stage for his own new single, “Ain’t Always Thirsty.” A slice of classic country, the song is a dyed-in-the-wool drinkin’ tune — but one where booze is used as medication, not recreation. To match the despair of the lyrics, Scott and director Blake Judd knew they needed an unconventional video. (Watch the premiere.)

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All About Ray Scott

The digital music revolution has turned out to be a “Rayincarnation” for acclaimed country storyteller Ray Scott. While a label-free utopia where artistic merit trumps popular whims remains as unlikely as it always was, the internet age has allowed a certain kind of creator to connect with an audience and chart a self-determined course … which helps explain why Scott has chosen to self-title his fourth album.

“This is sort of a regroup for me – not only artistically, but in terms of my career,” he says. “My music and my sense of where it fits in the music business has really taken shape over the past several years. So this is an introduction to that for people who may not be familiar with me, and it’s a defining of that vision for those who already know my music.”

For many, Ray Scott needs no introduction. Warner Bros. released Scott’s debut album My Kind Of Music in 2005 to enormous critical acclaim. The first single and title track cracked the top 40, but a combination of label politics and radio’s reluctance to embrace his fresh approach to country traditions had him off the label less than two years later. But a funny thing happened on the way to post-label obscurity – a level of success many major label artists might envy.

“The good news is, the kind of music I’m making now is not age-specific. I’m not out there wiggling my ass for anybody, so it’s about telling stories, making people smile and making them feel something. And I can do that until I grow up, if the fans will still have me.

“I understand that sometimes the business has a place for what I do and sometimes it doesn’t,” Rays says. “But what I do has kept me alive out there in the world because it is different enough that people get passionate about it. They stick with it. I don’t sound like everybody else, and I don’t want to.”

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